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 Music-Entertainment Wedding Plan Company

Wedding Plan Company

A wedding in your family?

Sit back, relax and hand it to professionals.

You maybe from abroad or from anywhere in India – in Delhi for that exquisite wedding of your child – you have been planning all your life. You maybe living in Punjab, Kolkatta, Lucknow – anywhere else in India and want the entire wedding fine services from New Delhi right there in your city. Just for you -


We offer a full service wedding event management company in the wedding capital of India – New Delhi, located in the heart of wedding destination – Chattarpur. 

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No.1 Nadaswaram Group * Best Nadaswaram Vidwans * Best Perform Concert"


Nadaswaram is the most popular Classical Musical instrument in the South Indian Culture. It is also called Nagaswaram, Nadaswaram, and Nathaswaram. Nadaswaram is also known as a Mangala Vadhya. Nadaswaram is considered to be very auspicious and it is a key musical instrument in all Hindu weddings and temples of the South Indian tradition. The Nadaswaram has seven finger-holes. There are five additional holes drilled at the bottom which are used as controllers. Nadaswaram is normally accompanied by a pair of Thavil, Talam and Sruthi.

KRS Saxophone  for Nadaswaram Players In Coimbatore. we at Saxophone and Nadaswaram light music and marriage function in all over india. It had about 2000 functions which i had done successfully . I am best in playing saxophone. I light the joy of marriage reception with light music . I am doing functions all over INDIA . And i am teaching students to learn music .


I have started my carrier to play music in the year 2000. This the beginning year that i have bloomed to this position with good-will . This i have achieved by satisfaction Coimbatore fulfills your wedding with lively and beautiful music. Our music will make you feel more special on your wedding day. Our range of music varies from contemporary to traditional will put your guests in awe.

Music is an expression of joy, emotions and passions. We at Nadhaswaram & Saxophone Group offers high quality music that persist your sweet memories of your lifetime.9345060605 Music is an expression of joy, emotions and passions. We at Nadhaswaram & Saxophone Group offers high quality music that persist your sweet memories of your lifetime. Nadaswaram group contains traditional Nadaswaram and thavil artists. Our group has many music artists, who are very popular in south India. According to the taste of younger generation, we present our traditional nadaswara music in new mode music concerts. Nadaswaram fusion, Nadaswaram karaoke, Nadasangamam, Nadaswaram bharatham receives the appreciation of the public. We arrange best concerts to be held at temples and other auspicious occasions like marriage and reception.


Your Enquires Always Invited With Pleasure

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 Music-Entertainment Innovations Solutions & Events Pvt. Ltd.

Innovations Solutions & Events Pvt. Ltd.

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Om Shanti Bichayat Decoration & Caterers

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 Music-Entertainment Sarangs Event Management Company

Sarangs Event Management Company

Our Services

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A complete wedding planning right from picking your guests till drop to venues and departure. Sangeet, vidhi, reception.

All types of entertainment, celebrity management, corporates, theme parties.

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 Music-Entertainment Shehnaiyaan


wed planner, wedding planner company,  Our  Expert gives you modern, exceptional, Royal Wedding, Nawabi Andaz Wedding, Shahi Andaz Wedding, Rajashi Andaz Wedding & Grand Royal weddings at your budget. 

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 Music-Entertainment Shri Sarswati Band

Shri Sarswati Band

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 Music-Entertainment Mahesh DJ

Mahesh DJ

Disc Jockey,New Year Party Organisers,DJ Equipments On Hire,Party Decorators,Orchestras For Party,D J System Dealers,Music Party Organisers  

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